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From Sean McElhone

First impressions matter – a lot! You only get one shot...

While the studies don’t agree on one specific number – they all agree that you have less than 30 seconds to impress someone.

That's in real life, where your physical presence and attitude can make a difference.

And it does't get better Online!

You have only seven seconds before someone makes a judgement. You’ve got a lot to pack into those seven seconds to make your impression a positive one.

When you are trying to attract a targeted audience to get to know you, like you and trust you, the first impression is crucial!

And most of the times, your Lead Magnet is that 'first impression'... It's basically your chance that will determine if your new subscriber will continue paying attention to you, and if he feels that it's worth listening to you.

Unfortunately, creating the right Lead Magnet is not easy...

For sure you can find a ton of PLR reports that are being sold as lead magnets...

But let's be honest here... How many times did you buy lead magnet PLR reports, opened the file and started reading... just to realize that the content is not good enough, or it's too generic, too superficial?...

That's why, together with my team I crafted a collection of six Done-For-You Lead Magnet reports that offer real practical information and that will help you build your list and your authority!


The IM Lead Magnets White Label Collection!

You're Getting A Premium Package of Six Private Label Rights Reports!

These carefully crafted Lead Magnet Reports cover in-demand topics in the Internet Marketing niche and provide very informative resources that will help the reader while building the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factors.

These are free products that you offer as “ethical bribes” or incentives to persuade people to join your list.

But you can also offer them for free to your existing subscribers. Imagine the goodwill you will build by providing value with these reports!

This is really important to know: These reports can be used beyond your List Building purposes. 

Let me share with you some ways to make these reports work for you...

  • Turn each Lead Magnet to a slide deck and create cool and informative videos that you can share on Youtube.
  • Quickly churn out a podcast series. Post your podcast to iTunes, Stitcher, Libsyn and of course, post on your website and share them on social media and with your subscribers.
  • Surprise customers by giving away lead magnets as unadvertised bonuses when someone buys from you.
  • Turn them into viral blog posts.  Everyone loves a good Top 10 list, especially when it’s on topics that really matter to them.
  • Create a resource page with the newest lead magnet at the top of the page. Post this resource page in products, on your blog, on download pages and more.
  • Rebrand and give away your lead magnets, including your product recommendations with your affiliate links. Your will make money every time someone buys something through the links in your lead magnets!
  • Share your lead magnets on social media - on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more, each with different calls to actions and different lead magnets.
  • Include a link in your byline every time you do any guest blogging.

As you can see, there are so many ways these awesome reports can help you build your authority and get more sales.

These are not just Lead Magnets - You can actually easily turn them into Cash Magnets!

Our Lead Magnets generate sales and put money in your pocket!

Here are 7 ideas, just to start with...

  • Promote a paid offer in the beginning of your lead magnet.
  • Add a call to action button at the end of your lead magnet.
  • Create a resource page in your lead magnet with multiple offers.
  • Advertise an offer on your lead-magnet download page.
  • Put your offer on your mailing list thank-you/confirmation page.
  • Send the offer in the introduction email to your newly subscribed prospects.
  • Promote the offer in follow-up emails.

Let me show you what you are actually getting...

7 Ways To Monetize Your Blog In 2019

If you’ve ever started a blog and tried to grow it into a money-making machine, with close to zero results, you are not alone.

Discover what works in 2019 to make money blogging. This report will uncover the methods that bring results and what to avoid doing at any cost.

While most strategies require you to have tens of thousands of readers, these methods can be profitable even if you have a smaller audience.

How To Build And Grow Your First 1000 Email Subscribers

Discover how to build your first 1000 email subscribers list by leveraging organic social media traffic.

Find out what are the best lead magnets to start with and what type of landing page will get you the highest conversions.

The one particular under-utilized method that has the ability to get your first 1000 subscribers even faster and beyond...

21 Free Online Design Tools 

No need for Photoshop or any other expensive or difficult to use software!

In this report you will discover 21 FREE online tools that will help you create outstanding visuals for your content marketing.

From templates to browser extensions to online photo editors, we reveal some great, free web design tools to use without spending a dime.

33 Sites With Amazing Free Stock Photos

We hand picked 33 of the best free stock photo web sites that will cover all your needs for visual content.

All those free stock photo sites went under scrutiny, analyzing the image quality, the licensing type and the legal safety of each one of them.

Discover why it's not enough to find photos free to use without attribution for personal, editorial or commercial purposes - and what else yo should look for to be on the safe side.

How To Get Your First 100 Subscribers On YouTube

Did you know that Youtube is second only to Google as the highest ranked search engine used online?... That makes
YouTube a vital media platform if you seriously want to build your brand.

Discover 7 fast and easy strategies to get your first 100 subscribers, boost your exposure and maximize your profits!

Find out about the simple subscriber-building technique that is very well endorsed by YouTube.

How To Get Free Traffic From Facebook

Uncover the secrets of generating free targeted traffic on Facebook. No need to pay for FB ads!

Discover 5 different ways to leverage Facebook and drive free
traffic to build your list or drive them to your own FB Group and
engage with them.

Learn how to reach your ideal audience without spending a single dime on paid traffic!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee
Your investment is 100% secure. Test drive our PLR Pack for a full 30 days with zero risk on your part. Our promise is to provide you with the very best Private Label Content available. But if you are not completely satisfied, then we will refund you every penny and we can part as friends.

I’m sure you see the tremendous value of all that we are offering here, and that you can’t wait another second before getting your hands on this awesome money making PLR package.

All you have to do is click the button below to secure your Private Label License and start building your profitable marketing funnel.

But Remember… The Clock Is Ticking!

While we like to offer our Private Label Pack at prices that anyone can afford, we aren’t going to keep the price that low for very long. In fact, we’re going to bump the price in just a few days, and then close the offer for good.

To Your Online Success,

PS. This exclusive Private Label Rights Package is a very LIMITED Offer and it won’t last forever, especially at this crazy low price... 
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